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R&D Center

Established and approved in 2006, East Photonics R&D Center has essential technologies in optical communications network components. The R&D Center was built particularly to develop high-value added products in optical communications network by combining optical and electrical approach and taking a step further to integrate software in a bid to expand the market for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology in optical communications network.
In addition, the R&D Center seeks to give the company a competitive advantage by accumulating design, development, and application technologies for optical communications network, while exploring ways to diversify business through R&D to supplement and develop customer-oriented products, thereby engage in efficient and systematic R&D activities.

Latest Technological Innovations

5G Fronthaul 광 MUX
5G Fronthaul Optical MUX
5G Fronthaul 광 MUX
5G Fronthaul Wavelength Analyzer
5G Fronthaul 광 MUX
NG-PON2 Wavelength Multiplexer Module
5G Fronthaul 광 MUX
NG-PON2 Coexistence Element Module
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