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About Us

East Photonics is a company at the forefront of
optical fiber communications and optical application industry
with groundbreaking high-quality optical components and integrated modules.

이스트포토닉스 회사소개

Founded in 2002, East Photonics has established itself as a leader of design and manufacture of products such as connectors, filters, splitters, attenuators, switches, EO-Sensor, optical modules, and optical application systems.

We design and custom manufacture a wide array of optical communications modules and auxiliary systems for customers. We provide all possible solutions aimed at reducing costs, time, and pressure of customers. High-performance products we offer are exceptionally reliable and available at a reasonable price. We are working hard and making investments to achieve these goals, expanding our manufacturing facilities and jointly building infrastructure with partners.

Company Overview

Company Name

| East Photonics Co., Ltd.

Date of Establishment

| Founded in January 2002

Headquarters Location

| Daejeon, Yuseong-gu, 55, Gukje Science 9-ro, East Photonics

Flagship Products

| Optical modules and optical communications management systems

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Company Name : East Photonics
Address: Daejeon, Yuseong-gu, 55, Gukje Science 9-ro,
East Photonics
Business Registration Number : 124-81-91617
TEL : 042-933-2346
FAX : 042-933-2348
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